JUST FOR LEATHER 5 L - Luxury leather cleaner & conditioner in one
JUST FOR LEATHER 5 L - Luxury leather cleaner & conditioner in one

JUST FOR LEATHER 5 L - Luxury leather cleaner & conditioner in one

Brand: TheBigShiner
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JUST FOR LEATHER from TheBigShiner is a luxury 'all in one' leather cleaner & conditioner that lifts everyday grime and conditions with gentle natural waxes in one application.

Formulated - exclusively by TheBigShiner - with specialist leather friendly detergents
and natural restorative waxes JUST FOR LEATHER can be applied to all leather products. Use on car seats, leather trims including dashboards and steering wheels, sofas, shoes, hand bags, saddles and boots, jackets, dining room chairs - anything thats made in leather!

JUST FOR LEATHER is uniquely gentle and not formulated for deep cleaning,
ideal for everyday use or regular cleaning of cream coloured seats & sofas. Regular gentle cleaning and feeding of your leather products prolongs life and prevents cracking, tearing and discolouring.

For deep shampooing or heavier soiling use - CLEAN UP - from TheBigShiner and follow with JUST FOR LEATHER.

leaves a clean 'new leather' aroma behind that is both warming and satisfying.

Spray evenly and directly onto leather product from a distance of 6 inches. Leave for 30 seconds and wipe off with a gentle micro fibre cloth. Turn cloth over and buff to shine.

Always test a small
inconspicuous area first. DO NOT USE on suede or napped finishes.

JUST FOR LEATHER is available in a handy 500ML trigger spray or 5 litre for trade or regular use.

+ Unique 'all in one' leather care
Gentle detergents & restorative waxes
Clean, condition and protect leather goods
Formulated for regular use on all leather
Leaves a beautiful 'new leather' aroma

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