Tyre Dressing

TYRE DRESSING from TheBigShiner is a luxury solvent based dressing that contains advanced silicones and oils that repel water, mud and grime from your tyre wall. Our product actually blacks the tyre leaving a forecourt shine that lasts longer than most tyre dressings on the market. A tall order - we know - but you'll never know just how good this product is till you've tried it! Go on - get some ordered!

Our DETAILING PADS are ideal for applying TYRE DRESSING. Conveniently palm sized, they do not soak up chemical or rot and can be used again and again.

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TYRE DRESSING 5 L - Premium tyre restorer for the perfectionist
PLEASE NOTE: Due to global silicone price fluctuations and shortages, this product may see further p..
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TYRE DRESSING 500ml - Premium tyre restorer for the perfectionist
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TYRE DRESSING 25 L - Premium tyre restorer for the perfectionist
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the global silicone price increase this product is PRE-ORDER only. Please cal..
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TYRE DRESSING KIT 5 L - Everything you need for perfect tyre walls
If like us you're fussy about clean tyres then our PRO TYRE DRESSING kit is ideal. Our unique TYRE D..
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