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TheBigShiner produce a range of quality car cleaning products that have been tried, tested and developed for trade use. Our products are much stronger than 'off the shelf - retail' products and in most cases much cheaper!  Enjoyed by professional vehicle & machinery cleaning companies for economy and excellent finish our products are now reaching an ever growing 'home user' customer base thanks to social media and internet shopping. We keep our product range nice & simple -          "Our products *work hard* and do exactly what the label says they should do!"

Call us on 01905 830 264 - Mon - Friday - 10am - 2pm or email  - 8am - 9pm - 7 days with any questions or queries, we'd be delighted to help!

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SNOW FOAM ® SUPER CONCENTRATE 200 L - Manufacturers concentrate for PRO dilution
200 Litres of SNOW FOAM PRO - our concentrated SNOW FOAM for professional dilution. Just 250ml of..
BLITZ ® 200 L - Trade strength ACID WHEEL CLEANER use neat or dilute down.
200 Litre barrel of BLITZ - our Concentrated ACID based Alloy Wheel Cleaner. BLITZ can be di..
TYRE DRESSING KIT 5 L - Everything you need for perfect tyre walls
If like us you're fussy about clean tyres then our PRO TYRE DRESSING kit is ideal. Our unique TYRE D..
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BONNET PRO - Connoisseurs hand made native lambswool wash & polishing mitt
Each BONNET PRO is hand cut from luxury lambswool, machine stitched by a human and lovingly packed b..
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Fluffy micro fibre chenille hand shaped mitt for washing, polishing or dusting CONTACT US FOR BUL..
TRADE WASH MITT - Commercial or home use x 1
This wash mitt is made of synthetic materials and is commonly found in professional commercial car w..
ECO TRADE WASH MITT - Economy synthetic wash mitt x 1
A synthetic car wash mitt for trade, professional or home user. Supplied for economy use, commonl..
FABRIC HOOD MAINTENANCE KIT - Clean & waterproof your soft top
FABRIC HOOD MAINTENANCE KIT - shampoos and seals your prized soft top Our incredible val..
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ULTIMATE HOOD CLEANING & soft top sports car cleaning kit
ULTIMATE HOOD CLEANING KIT from TheBigShiner is the complete soft top sports car maintenan..